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Have you ever heard the song; Be My Little Baby Bumblebee”?  A very stupid song but we would do a little modifying and change it too, “Be my little baby Jenna Bee. Be a bee, be a bee, be a Jenna bee.”  The reason for this is Jenna’s middle name, Blythe. Oh and what a fitting middle name.  Actually, Jenna full name, Jenna Blyth Havig fits her to a T.  She has the humor of a Havig.  She full of blithe and ever so gay.  Whenever I hear the name, “Jenna” I think of a blond hair, beautiful young lady. Jenna fits that description.

So, guess who this entry is about? That’s right! Jenna!

Jenna was born such a beautiful baby that Mumsie quit bringing her with her when she did errands.  Everyone would stop and coo and coo over Jenna that Mumsie could be standing around for hours (or what seemed like hours).  While she was a proud mama oops, mom (never call Mumsie, “mama”)  if you knew her you know she
A: hates shopping
B: Hates shopping
C:HATES shopping
D: well, hates shopping.

I remember a lot about Jenna.  She WAS beautiful and the first blond baby that I can remember.  Jenna also is one smart cookie. Whoever said blonds were dumb did not ever meet Jenna.  She is a grammar wiz, she picks up things so quickly, and can easily retain them as well. 

Jenna is a favorite in society circles. Ahem, yes I guess she is “out”.  She is you sweet quiet girl among the adults but playful and fun among the children.  She is quick to be a helper, can possess a streak of stubborness, yes, she does cheat in games.   But with all her faults, she is a valuable and loyal friend. 

Jenna is the one in the family that has a fondess for Horses.  With how popular girls are today with horse stuff, Jenna was the first (and only?) girl that absolutely has a fascination for them.  While the rest of us enjoy good pictures, maybe a good story about them, or even a nice outfit or two with horse theme,  Jenna will go all out.  I doubt she could tell you the breed but I wouldn’t put it past her.  Recently she has been renting, Saddle Horse Club books from the library, and our own as well.

Jenna I believe was the first baby I started changing diapers for.  Perhaps that is why we have a bond between us. I am sure she would like to forget that kind of bond. 

It is hard to write about Jenna and the memories I have of her.  Perhaps the most recent ones are my favorite. Taking care of Lorna, Taking care of Emma, reading here, playing there. They are all little snapshots in a large photo album.  Just tiny memories but they so make up the personality Jenna is.   On a gloomy day, one smile, or a word from Jenna can lift the hearts of all those around her. 

Jenna was the first girl to have surgery.  Yes, she had surgery.  While playing with her friends she decided to get wacked in the forehead with a golf club.  Of course it was all an accident.  But it did earn her a nice helicopter ride,  large hospital, surgery, and a long period of rest.  The poor girl was about to go bored with all the rest she was given.  But she was NOT to over exert herself.  School was a no. Much to her dismay.  Coloring after a while is a bit boring.  But from all of this she learned to use her knifty knitter.  She made Emma a hat. A nice soft green one.  I still love that hat.  She really needs to make her another one.  Jenna has had so much fun with them that she actually has been making some to sell.    Go to Paradoxology.wordpress and talk to my mom for more details.

Jenna is going to be 12 (I think) years old this year.  I can remember birthdays so well, but don’t ask me ages!  She has a more mature personality but all in all, she is ever so gay and sucha bonnie Lass.  A real cwedit (as Lady Cumnore from Wives and Daughter would say) to her parents.

As I was writting this out, the poem from Much ado about nothing came to my head; This fits Jenna so well.

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more.
Men, were deceivers ever;
one foot in sea, and one on shore
to one thing, constand never
but sigh not so and let them go
and be you blithe and bonny
Converting all your sounds of woe,
in hey nonny, nonny!