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So, now we come to the eldest boy in the family.  It took 4 girls for him to happen.

Ain’t he cute?

I’ve always thought he looked like an American, Harry Potter.

Anyway, so Nolan was the first boy.  Everyone was happy. Of course we always wondered why girls weren’t as good? But I doubt people understood that we understood them as well.  The culture today says, if you have more than one have 1 boy and 1 girl.  Or, only girls.   Anyway, on to Nolan!

Poor lil guy.  He really didn’t have a chance to be a all boy.  With four sisters he was stuck with us.  When we played dress up, he played with us.  He was more the knight but he still wore the flowery fabric as a cape.  When we played dolls he did too.  But through all of that, he was one, obsessed smart cookie.   Nolan had/has a fascination for hot wheels. Like boys do.
So, he would line up his 100 cars in a row.  Run to the bedroom for more (yeah, more) and my Daddy would quickly switch two cars and be back to what he was doing before Nolan got back.  We all would watch…(in our devious and inconspicuous ways)  Nolan would stare at the cars and survey the situation.  He knew something wasn’t right. After a few minutes he would switch the same two cars back.   Like Lucille says in “What the Deaf Man heard” (Excellent movie by the way. I highly recommend it) There is nothing dumb about that boy.

It was Nolan that took over my paper routes and “protected” me during the times we did them together.  We had so much fun.  We loved to race around the back yard. Of course I always had to win.  But sweet lil Nolan always reminded me that he “let me win”.

Nolan loves to work with his hands.  He helped me last year brake up tons and tons and tons and tons… of branches into small enough sticks to fill paper bags with. These sticks of course were all used up within a week but the word was hard and he did very much look forward to it.   But it provided some fun times for us.  I hear he is eager to do it again.  Have no fear Nolan.  Around here, wood is never scarce. 

But, he does other things with this hands.  I have two verses woodburned in a nice peice of oak.  The first one is what I recieved for my birthday and it says, The Grass Withers, the Flower fades but the Word of our God will stand Forever!”  The other one is “I can do all things through Christ who stregnthens me”.  Both are such excellent reminders to me every time I see them. Which is daily since they sit so nicely on my dresser.  I hear he made a dragon too.

Nolan is probably the only one in the family that loves video games.  But as much as he loves them, it sounds to me like he doesn’t play with them much.  They use to belong to Braelyn but she sold them to Nolan.  (Braelyn has a difficult time being interested in one thing for very long) (ahh don’t hit me dearie!!!)  He plays mostly with his friends and it sounds like they have a deeper desire for them than he does. 

For those that read Mumsie’s blog.  (Paradoxology or Havig Haven) know that Nolan is quite the handy man. He did many things in remodeling the bathroom.  He is sanding down things all the time.  He did the medival fort with all the medival weapondry.  His natural talent for creativity always gives him a sense of acomplishment.  Currently his hobby is models. Mainly plane models but he has done birdhouses, cars, and other various things.

 My fondest memory may be of the time when I was approached on our route by a stranger who wanted to go out with me (16 yr old and a 40 guy… CREEPY!) I pedaled away as fast as I could and Nolan followed. (the guy that accompanied the creep kind of kicked the creeps pants and said to behave. But I don’t think the creep (nice fitting name don’t you think) really cared what  his “friend” thought)  There was only one street left. I should have ridden home but I finished the route and Nolan stuck to me like glue.  I could see him across the street keepin an eye out.  This is a 10 year old boy here.  He watched what I was doing. And he kept an eye out for the van that the creep went in.  I have to say, having Nolan there was the most comforting thing I have ever experianced.   I knew he wouldn’t be able to attack but I knew he was a protector.  And he has been that way for many years.  Sure, he teases sisters and brother’s like any other brother would do.  But when it comes to being serious and manly, you can count on him to protect you through thick and thin weather.

 Did you know he will go get you chocolate? He will purchase with his own hard earned money gummy worms for the kids? What a handsome lil man we have.  He knows the way to a woman’s heart.  I have to say that Nolan and I have a silent mutual understanding that I do not have with the others.  We all are close but Nolan and I have a bond.

So, did you know that when Nolan is embarrased or angry his gate ears get red?

Are your ears red and on straight Roly Poly Noly?