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Sit down, grab your coffee or tea and enjoy my entry, as I write this I am finishing up my Mocha Cappuchino from Starbucks

So, I am gonna take a break from all my sibling writtin’, Mainly because my Mother isn’t up yet to send me a picture of my brother.  My sister owns all the good ones.  REmember her? The photography girl?  The sinn….er sweetest sister? Ahem, so anyway I will be writting about what’s going on here because I know everyone is just dyin’ to know what housewives are really like.

Well today I had to make sure my hubby went off to work.  Not because I had something important to do but because he would like to keep his job and that requires being there on time.  So with a rumble tumble from the bed, I fed the baby and set myself to making two meals.  One for us (breakfast) and one for Hubby to take with him.  He stays at work alone at lunch time while the rest of the employee’s at the automotive repair shop goes and gets a Big Mac from Macdonalds.  Not only does hubby enjoy my leftover home cookin’  he knows he doesn’t have to worry about how much msg is in there or whether there is wheat.  He is having Spring Rolls (made by me) (rice wrappers),  Left over tri-tip from last night (week’s special) and a boiled egg (daily egg, Carolita) and some grapes because there was no apple special this week.  

So off he went.  By dear!

Now, it was my turn.  I scrambled to get babykins ready to go out.  Pulled back my tangly hair to make it somewhat presentable, threw on a skirt (cause my knit shorts just weren’t acceptable for going out in). That’s when I notice my shirt.   A coffee stain that didn’t come out.  Oh well.  I’ll have to look like a mom today.  Dash to the car. Drive 1/2 mile to the wally world and pick up some;
Cream bias tape for some dresses
Pink buttons for said dresses
Birthday card for neice
Root bear for 21 year old friend’s birthday tomorrow (the only “liquor” she will ever drink)
Manilla envelope
Oooh! Tomato plants!
Aww that reduced Ranuculus needs a home.
White bias tape for the white pettidresses
CHOCOLATE! (it’s gonna be a long day)
And then, to start the week off, a good starbucks coffee with what change I had left (and JUST the amound too, I think I had 1 penny to spare.)

So, now we dash on home.  Babykins who has been up for 2.5 hours by now is ready for her morning nap. So by the time we get home, off to her bed she goes and I start sewing on buttons.  I check up on my friends by their blogs or Instant Messenger.  I plan the rest of the day which include;
Going on AGAIN to
Mail packages
Grab Monday’s produce special at Stater Bros.
Make Library stop (gotta see what books they have this week)
Grab knitting books at Library for beginners and try to figure out some stitches.
Stop by Walgreens and see if they still have the 99cents a dozen egg special (please Lord!) Did you know we pay almost $3 a dozen for eggs now? Ridiculous. I want my own chicks! WAAAAAAAAAA
Ahem, alright lets move on.

Things i need to acomplish today;
Keifer (already made but by tonight it should be 48 hours since I made it so I will need to check it and see if I need to make another batch.  David goes through them so quickly. Hee hee, gotta love that guy)
I need to get some white pettidresses done. They are all cut out but need to be sewn (that’s the easy part! I hate cuttin out!)
Livingroom tidied up and organzied as part of my challenge for re-establishing a more fruitful marriage.  Long story.
I have a LL Meeting tonight. 
And so much more so I better get off and hop to it.  

What am I gonna do for dinner?


A Ranuculus flower