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So, this entry is about my partner in crime and sister, Braelyn.  Remember? She is the excellent photographer (hence the title?)  These are her latest, my youngest brother, Ethan. http://havigs.wordpress.com/2008/02/28/ethans-birthday-pictures-a-week-early-but-hey/#comment-48

Braelyn and I can be best friends or our worst enemy.  But through all we go through we will still be reunited by the love of one child, Euphemia. 

Braelyn does not hide the fact that she has a temper. I mean we all do but Braelyn doesn’t even try to hide it. That is why we love her best.  She is real.  Braelyn is an all down to earth type of gal.  We can tease her and usually it will roll right off her back or it will come right back attcha.

Braelyn has a tendency to be followed where ever she goes.  Only my family will really understand that and I hope laugh with me about it.  Braelyn has a go-and-get-em kind of spirit.   She has a wonderful laugh.  She is THE best photographer.  She can capture moments without a camera.  She has a witty sense of humor.  And she loves nutty butter.  It’s one of the few foods that very well fit her.

 Braelyn also writes on fan-fiction.  From what I understand, she usually writes Gilmore Girl’s stories.   And is a java junkie (but hates coffee).  Now, I have no idea what a java junkie is but I think it has something to do with Loralie and Luke getting together.

Braelyn also works hard. Although she would prefer to sit and watch Jennifer Garner  than do school, what normal teenager wouldn’t? She also works at a local warehouse packaging up boxes. *the same place where I change batteries in the cups*.  She is a diligent worker and every employer and employee loves her. 

My greatest memory of Braelyn would probably be the many times we would play “spy kids”.  And actually she even started a movie called, Spy Kids” (no not the one with Alexa Vega) and I even got to see the opening credits.  It was fascinating and very good.  But anyway, we would creep everywhere, along the walls, down the alley, to our secret hideout.  She would tell you this was all before I became so “grown-up”.   Hee hee.  Never really harmed our sisterhood. 

Braelyn and I are very much opposites.  Where I am more conservative (for example- limited to no computer playtime or video games) she is more for the fun of childhood.  We both think we are right and refuse to be persuaded either way.  As opposite as we are… we are so much alike.   

We will often reminiscence over the “good old days” where we would go on walks with Daddy. Or go to the park.  Where we would play Olympics with our roller skates.  Where we lived a more “strict” lifestyle.  Kind of funny to think about.  Especially since we were “NEVER going to be like Mumsie and Daddy!”

Braelyn and I could pick the ugliest fights.  Mumsie knows that we were clever enough never to do it in front of her. But occasionaly we slipped and man did we always regret it.  It was fun (in a way) for us to get mad at each other.  I mean, we could stew with an excuse and avoid each other but unfortunetly (or fortunetly) the next morning we were so happily playing together and forgot to be mad at each other.  Use to burn our cookies that we couldn’t stay mad.  Bet Mumsie was happy about that.

Braelyn was the only one in our family that had a broken bone.  Her arm  be exact.  After 9 children so far only she has broken her bone.  She also has asthma which can be very problematic if not treated quickly.  She was the active one in the family and I think she still is.  She rides her bike a few miles most mornings to work and likes to work out using the Leslie Samsone.  While she is pretty well fit, if she misses a couple days exercise she complains that she is getting fat and lazy and gets her bottom in gear.

I have shared the deep secrets now about me and my sister.  I pray she doesn’t start up a blog and start writting about me.  My reputation will be ruined!