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Product review;

Dancing with the Stars Workout DVD

With all it’s “faults” I have to say that I have really enjoyed this DVD. Dancing is hard work. It’s fun. It strengthens more than just bones and it is a good tool to have.

With dancing with the Stars DVD you learn some of the more common dances like;

Cha Cha


Paso Doble


And you have the warm up and cool down.

There are three instructors. Maksim is my favorite. He teaches the Paso Doble and, co-teaches with the others on Jive, Samba, Warm up and cool down. He is clean. Very light on the humor but enough to get you through. And modest for a male dancer. I can see my dh doing this with me easily. Bull-fighting dancing. Oh yeah!

Ashley has a voice like Leslie Samsone and her workout dvd’s. It’s annoying but she is very good at what she does. She does try to get a bit s*xy but honestly imho just can’t seem to do it. Very clean, always wears a good dance suit that covers and workouts well.

Kym is my least favorite and I think all her’s I have fast-forward. While her accent is enjoyable her moves are way to much and I feel very unclean with her clothes and inappropriate moves in my humble opinion that a Christian should not do. If you like belly dancing, Kym is the girl for you. She does give a good workout but in teaching dance- not for me and dh will not be seeing her.

The DVD is about 1 hour long and gives great workout in the hips, stomache muscles, arms, thighs, and calfs. I have been a dancer in the folk realm and I have to say that this probably is more of a workout than any of the 2 hours that I did at the folk dance class. They start you out with a good dancer’s warm out so you aren’t jumping into a cardio workout and you slow down without a dramatic decrease. As any dancer knows a good workout before exercising is vital.

For those that would love a good workout and a good dancing lesson, I very much recommend this DVD. The music isn’t my style but its not as bad as some of the rhythm beats that most workouts give you.