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That would be my sister Morgann.  Morgann is the girl everyone wants for a friend and she now has her new column via phone called, Dear Morgann.  She “helps” (more like gives a good ear and a sweet voice) her friends in their trials and encourages them like no other person can.

That’s Morgann.  It was taken just after her first neice was born (my daughter).  By her expression and face you know what a trustworthy friend she is. 

She was the first one in the family to go driving.  Goverment’s even love her.  When I was very pregnant she would bring soup, food and coffee over for me.  Who could ask for a better sister?  It was daily trips at times.  I don’t think this is what she signed up for when she recieved her DL.  But without complaint that I ever heard she rushed off to the nearest fast food place and grabbed whatever.  I like to think it was me she was concerned about but I know all she wanted was that baby to get here happy and healthy.  Ok, so maybe there WAS a bit of love for me there. But she wouldn’t tell you that. 

Morgann is one of the fastest readers around and has a vast knowledge of things, books, places, authors, etc.  She even writes her own fiction stories on fanfic.net.  She find’s the neatest tv shows (some I would never watch as I am not a sci fi fan) but I have her to thank for the introductions to, “Bones”. Accompanied by Adrienne’s promting too.  We often could find Morgann deep within the pages of a novel or nonfiction at almost anytime.  A friend’s father use to tease her to death about her reading, but that never stopped her.  She can finish a 800 page book (yep, Harry Potter) within the span of a night, and she has too. 

Little children love Morgann to peices.  She has always been good with children.  I have always quite envied her and almost could dislike her (if she wasn’t so loveable) because she is so good.  Children seem to mind Morgann without THE rod in sight.  She is a favorite baby-sitter and will often be in demand at the same time.

Morgann is a hard-worker.  I know, for those that know me, shock city.  I do admit it.  I never liked too cause I was usually the lazy one.  But Morgann on her days to see to the cleaness of the livingroom and kitchen kept a pretty spotless house.  We loved tuesdays, her day, at the our house.  I often wanted to be like Morgann. Having the confidence and security of everything.  Morgann does not care what people think of her.  What you see is what you get.  In all that she is caring, loving, a friend, a companion, a confident, a encourager, and most of all a follower of Christ.

In our lil Girl Scouts for Christians, Stepping Stones or something like that,  we had to learn a verse, 1 Peter 2:21.  Can you still say it Morgann?

“For you have been called for this purpose since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps.”

I would say that verse describes Morgann. She follows in His steps. 

We liked Morgann’s baking.  “No oatmeal, we want oatmeal cake!”  OOOH chocolate Chip Muffins! OOH Blueberry muffins.  And so on and so forth.  She was the baker of the family. Whether it be cookies or something more nutricious for us.  Morgann and I had a plan when we were youngin’s.  I would do all her sewing for her and she could do all my cooking. It sounded like a reasonable, fair plan.  How niave we were to think that it could be done. 

Morgann=peacemaker.   My next sister, that I will write about, is the one that I usually fought with.  Morgann was the peacemaker.  I bet she could write so many stories that I don’t even remember about the fights we had.  None of us wanted to go to Mumsie because we knew we both were at fault but neither of us wanted Morgann to talk to us or even look at us cause we couldn’t hide our shame around her.  Yep, Morgann has always been the peacemaker.  Not just in our own family but to those near to her as well.

Morgann is another girl that I could spend a lot of time writting about.  My favorite memory with her would probably be that of just knowing that I could go to her for a chat.  Morgann was also my first paper route partner.  The cool morning of that Sept. day is often fresh on my mind.  It was a sunday. The first day of our routes.  We rode our bikes on that perfect morning and started the routes.  It was a bit difficult. Morgann always managed to finish her route before I did, no matter how fast I pedaled.  And we stuck together. 

Morgann just had her 18th birthday.  In the eyes of the world, she is an adult.  But in my own thoughts Morgann began to be an adult by the time she was 8. On the late Febuary evening. All cold as we were tucked warmly in our beds.  Morgann got up, went to Mumsie and Daddy and said, “I need to be baptized…tonight!”  And so she was.  From then on to today, she has made mistakes, but she has always had the pure adult mind.  Sometimes, she is just too good to be true.  Happy will be the man that capture’s her heart and her thoughts. Rich indeed will he be.

Morgann’s list for a perfect husband;
He must be a Christian
Must have a good sense of Humor
Must love the movies I do
Must love my family and friends
Be willing to take me to the movies
and I can’t read any more of her list for the time has creased it away. 

I love you sister.  You are always in my heart. Mushy mushy!