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Whew, after all the work I did yesterday my feet are begging for a rest and here I go off to typ a wee bit before I set myself to working again.  I am thinking about doing a blog contest.  I am just dying with curiosity about how many people really do read here.  I shall not make an announcement anywhere. Let it be a surprise.  I am not sure for a prize yet.  I don’t know if any males read here and are too bashful to say anything.  Should it be something I can make? That would be the easiest thing for me.  Should it be a gift certificate for all those that can enjoy? hmmm decisions decisions.  Blog contests are so much fun and I enjoy participating which means I should also give.

Anyway, after going into thoughtful land I return.  For those that I chatted with yesterday, yes I did get the keifer done.  I made it. It has to sit atleast 24 hours and my finger nails cannot take much more suspense.  I used fresh goats milk.  Yep, my FIL has goats. 3 or 4.  3 are pregnant so there must be 4 if he is still able to milk.  Keifer took about 1 qt. of milk.  If you like buttermilk you will probably like keifer.  As the price of yogurt keeps going up I am trying to train my tastebuds to accept the new taste.  I love buttermilk for cooking but not much of a drinker myself.  *hick*  Also, did you know that instead of buying keifer starters you can use already make keifer as a starter? I am sure i knew that somewhere but when you actually have to use knowledge you gain it begin to really sink in.

OK, so keifer was  rotting…er I mean setting and then I had to make sure the laundry was done.  While we do have a dryer we have found the conveinence of hanging out the laundry much more inviting.  I hate the smell of dust on my clothes when being hung out to dry so I took the advantage of a fresh morning after the rain to hang out the white laundry.  I have three lines.  The back line I use for all the long stuff because the neighbors windows are right by my line and I don’t fancy them sticking their head out the window and trying to guess our underwear size.  Middle line is for undergarments and the front line is our socks, baby clothes, rags, etc.  Course I do use the dryer for my bath towels. Gotta have em fluffy and soft! Sheets too. Nice warm sheets.  A dash to make sure that as soon as they dry they go right on the bed and get covered up and wait for us til the lights go out in the house.  Ahhh… what a time to go to bed with fresh sheets.

So laundry is done.  Now I have another row in the garden to do.  Since we are in the desert the soil has to be worked on.  So once you take the layer of mulch off with your big fork you have to dig up the soil and put the homemade compost soil in. Then you gotta work it in and get the tomatoe worms out.  Preferably throw em as hard as you can against a rock and make sure they splat.  Yeah I know.  It aint fun work but I plan on keeping my tomatoes this year thank you very much.  The whole process is about 45 minutes hard work. Then the soil is ready for seeds.  This time it was radishes.  In the ground we have 2 rows of lettuce, 1 row of tomatoes and now radishes.  Today I hope to get sugar-snap-pea’s in before it gets too warm. 

So, today my job is to get the house in order, fold and put away laundry,  make sure we have a edible dinner, and get to work on my new neice and godchild’s quilt.  It will be a simple flannel patchwork but it will be used with love.  I also made a white crisp bonnet for the christening.  How I wish we could be there.  But from California to Indiana takes money and time.  We don’t have either.  While we could make the time easily,  we couldn’t make the money.   It’s so saddening that in the space of 1 year I have missed both my godchildren’s baptism.  sniff Sniff.

So, here is the entry for today. Don’t forget to leave a comment! 🙂

God be with you.