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I don’t know if you have ever seen a large family going grocery shopping.  For those of you that don’t understand or those of you that can totally relate here is what shopping looks like for a family of 11.  Mom in the front pushing the cart grabbing this and and that while the 2 year old in the front are pointing out the abc’s on a package product.  The mom of course left her shopping list at home…well, that is, if she remembered to write on in the first place, so everything is a mental checklist.  Toilet paper, check.  razors, check. Feminine necessities in three different brands or sizes, check. Paper, check.  100 pens, check. 100 back up pens, check.  Yes, dear that’s a “y”.  and so on and so on.  Ok, so you have Mom in the lead with the 2 year old (and we DID behave (most of the time) in the store!!! Mumsie made sure of that.  Her secret, take em many times and expect them to behave in the store as they would at home. ) and then you a troop line.  Age’s didnt matter. Uusally from youngest to oldest but it didn’t always matter.   Now quite often you were stopped in the store, not only by the sheer number of children  but actually all of us girls generally wore….dresses.  So after the usual, “are they ALL yours?”  or “are you a private school?” we usually got,  “Are you catholic? Mormon?”  Usually because we wore a dress.   Nope.   Then because they didn’t look shabby Mumsie was asked, “Did you make all their clothes?”  To which we all replied with an estatic, “yes!” as politley as excited children could of course.  

Yep, that’s right. Mumsie sewed 7 girls dresses as most of their daily wear.  By the time most of us hit 15-16 we could find more decent ladies skirt’s in the store.  They are now in fashion I suppose but it wasn’t always that way.  We are not too fond of the gownless evening straps (as my Daddy calls them) that they have too. Nope we had the prairie dresses.  And do you know what? We lived through all the comments too! Yep, our pride was not crucshed and to this day I still live mostly in skirts. 

So, now you know more about us as a family than Mumsie in general. But she is the heart of the family. What she does for us all makes us who we are. So, we are dressing-wearing-bible-reading-girls-that-still-have-a-good-amount-of-Christian-pride.  But we do wear pants. 🙂

Mumsie makes Hungarian Coffee cake every special occasion. Whether Thanksgiving (the most commonly know for her coffee cakes), Christmas, or Easter.  I’m thinking about begging on for my birthday over a cheesecake.  They are so delicious and she is quite famous around town for them. No, really! My neighbors have recieved some of hers. The men at Daddy’s work eagerly await the season that he brings one, and of course there is their neighborhood that recieves one.  Each coffee cake is lovingly made.  I mean, who can honestly say that they put hours of hot, hard work over a cake that will be eaten up in 30 minutes or less.  I know there are some still out there that don’t do the box cake (yes, we do, do box cakes!) but I am bragging about MY mumsie here.  I doubt very many can compete with her hot hungarian coffee cake.  Just writting that out makes my mouth DAROOL!

Mumsie has a unique way of comforting or being there for people.  She doesn’t call you and say, lets go chat over a cup of coffee but she may IM you and say, “hey there is this movie playing Friday, wanna go?” Usually that interprets, Lets go get some laughs!  I guess the main reason is she don’t do coffee. Give her a CAN (yes CAN skip the bottle) of Coke.  But I think it would sound silly to say, “hey wanna exchange peices of mind over a Coke?” that kind of sounds almost illegal! But many people have found comfort in her listening ear and just a sorry smile.  If you need a good kick in the butler, by all means she will give you one…. after the hug has been applied.  Oh, and by “hug” I mean chocolate. You never hug Mumsie if you love her.   And we lived through that too!

Every mother is unique and special.  Yep, we are all special and unique.  Yes, that is suppose to be oxymoronic (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.)  But I can honestly say, I have never met a mother like mine.  I wouldn’t trade her for anyone.  She taught us the way of the Lord by FIRST living it out herself or by daily trial and error.  No one is perfect, she never pretended to be.  But she was our Mother and through that relationship developed a deaper level that no one can measure up too.  I can talk to her about almost anything.  But she is still and formost my mother.

OK, mom, I have to give you one…CYBER HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!