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I can picture now my mother getting up extremely early just to read what I am gonna post about her.  Ok, not really.  My mom is so great that when she reads it, she does but other than that, it’s just stuff she already knows.  Grin.

So, how do I write about her? Have you ever seen the good A&E version of Pride and Prejudice?  My mumsie reminds me of the Aunt Gardner.  Witty but sensible.  She loves to laugh.  They show you a glimpse of her aunt in Lizzy and its kind of how my Mumsie is.  Everyone loves her.  She is honest, fun,  engaging, full of wisdom,  a loving mother,  a gals best-friend,  smart,  has a great sense of humor,  and so much more that I could fill a dictionary.  Sorry, she’s taken.  She is also forgetful.  Sorry mom, but all us elderly girls think so. 😉 come on, I have to make you not so perfect somehow, its the best I could come up with!

My earliest memory of my mom….hmmm…. I don’t know.  I remember her reading Elsie Dinsmore to us.  I remember her coming out to help us when Kaylene got stuck in the tree.  I remember her disclipine to me when I stole an egg in order to put it in the tree so it could hatch, after she told me no several times.  I remember the time she would work so hard to take us for a walk.  My mumsie doesnt handle sun so well but she pushed onward.  I remember her singing.  I love hearing her sing. She has a lovely voice, despite her unfailing comments otherwise, it has excellent volume too.   I hear I am too expect a rendition of “Matchmaker Matchmaker” soon?

My mumsie taught me almost everything I know.  How to sew, how to cook (or atleast throw a few things together and have a tasty dinner), she taught me home to be a homekeeper, how to honor my husband and father, how to get along with my sisters, and so so so much more.   I know lot’s of girls are proud of their mothers but for me, I would want no other Mumsie.  She knows me so well.  She knows what I am thinking (even if I haven’t quite figured it out yet) and what I am trying to say when I struggle with words.   I have been accused of letting my mumsie speak for me and I need to stand up to what I believe.  The truth is, she writes what I have been trying to say in less sentences and more sense!  Even if she doesn’t agree with me.

My mother writes very many heart-stabbing blog entries.  You can find her here .  She has many more other blogs too. Be sure to take a few minutes and check them out.  I promise you won’t be sorry.  Among her other writtings are various fiction stories.  She has written about a woman that inherits her sister’s 8 children.  A sci-fi (that I know nothing about) A boy that kidnaps Santa, Alexa (my favorite) about a writer who gets trapped in living her unwritten story, just to name a few. 

Besides being a stay at home mom, writer, seamstress, teacher (for we all were homeschooled) she also takes the time to encourage other ladies online and help them in their delima’s.  She has a full time job.   We do not have any sports games to attend as we would have rather digged great huge mud holes in the back yard.  But she still made us brownies.

I wish I could write so much more.  This may end up being a two part post.