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This is my daddy,

He is a very loving man.  He can dance with us, he even sings old Roger Miller Songs.  Of course if we ask him too, or even in the middle of dancing he will “break his ankle”.   I remember the many times he would take us out for walks.  My greatest memory of my daddy is the time he stood up for me.  I was slighted and my “feelers” (as my mother calls em) were very much hurt.  My daddy came and said there was nothing that could change the fact that he was my daddy and he loved me very much.  I do remember the many times that I was taken into the bathroom too for “correction”.  It wasn’t the correcting that I remember (except the fact that I prefered mom’s correction cause she just got it over with quickly as could be) but the fact that he would pray and ask God to forgive me for sining and to teach him how to be a better father.

The youngest memory I have of Daddy is actually a correction one.  I must have been 2 or 3 years old when I snuck into the kitchen one early morning so I could get a bit of frosting. Chocolate.  I think Daddy must have been waiting for me cause the moment I opened the fridge door and grabbed the frosting Daddy appeared out of nowhere asking, “what are you doing?”  Daddy usually did that, asked us what we were doing.  I like to think that he really wanted us to think about what we were doing to understand why it was wrong and so forth.   Of course no girl is going to say,
I am sneaking and stealing some frosting that your forbid me to have”.  I don’t know what I said, I do know Daddy corrected me and sent me back into my bed. 

Many often Mumsie has told me of the times when I was a baby and Daddy would come over just to play with me.  She teases how the only reason Daddy married her was so that he could have more time with me.  I don’t see how anyone could have a more loving father than I had.  I know hubby will be a loving father to Emma,  but our Heavenly Father gives each one of us the perfect father for us in one way or another.  Are we going to live for Him?

My Dad is a computer scientist.  He makes the planes on the naval base (here in the middle of the desert) talk to one another. He has a very important job.  His job and hard work provides many luxuries for us.   He cries over, “Its a wonderful life” and can laugh at the bunnies imitation of it.  He sets up the christmas lights ever year and picks out the best fullest tree. 

I don’t know what his favorite hymn is but we quite often sang, “Count your many blessings” when it was his turn to pick after reading to us from a bible study guide. 

Daddy makes an excellent bestafar (cause he is best by far!).   It’s the norweign word for Grandpa.  He loves babies so much and Emma is his favorite grandbaby!  Quite often if you are a child and you past my dad, his hand will shoot out, grab your wrist and it is called the “grip of death”.  In order to escape the grip of death you must say,  Mr. H- is brilliant and handsome and humble too”.  Amazingly the grip of death lets go.   Now, all the children know how to avoid even getting caught.  As soon as they past him they will say (as they keep walking); mr. h is brilliant and handsome too.  All said in a monotone.  Of course Daddy will only acted shock and says, “why thank you!” 

Children are either terrified (at first) of Daddy or they love him.  All terrified children come to love Daddy. I see why God chose him to have 9 children and raise them as arrows.

There is so much I could say about Daddy, but that simple word says it all. Daddy.

I love you!