I never have any time to read books anymore.  I like to pump and then head on to bed  once Euphemia is down for the night.  Well for the remainder of the week I am going to make the effort to read at least 1/2 hour before heading to bed.  It is not as long as I am use too and I have so many books I want to read (most of all my new one by Jennie Chancey that just came today; Passionate Housewives Desperate For God) but the time flies by and I DO need the sleep. 

My goal for next week will be finding out the best way to do the internet.  I like to check up on thing peridically throughout the day while I think of them. This of course leaves the computer on for most of the day and while that is all fine and dandy, it is not in the fact that I just sit down at it and check this and that out.  End up spending more time on here than necessary.  Ha, what else is new?

Here is a small list of what I like to do on the computer

  • Check blogs
  • LIsten to Alistair Begg on truthforlife.org
  • Listen to Ravi Zacharias on rzim.org
  • Listen to Nancy Leigh DeMoss on reviveourhearts.org
  • Check the message board I frequent on
  • Update blog whenever possible
  • check ebay for sales or watched items
  • check websites with merchandise on them.
  • check email
  • bla
  • bla
  • bla

this list is getting too long!

Ok. Now that I have written my goals out. Lets see what I can do to acompish them.  Whew.  Anyone up for the challege with me? Minimalize your computer time! Work on your time at home! WOO HOO! Of course remember this blog! Don’t cut out my dear lil blog! You know you love it! Of course you do! Don’t you love my !!! marks? They really send a message dont they!!!!??