I am daily surrounded by so many things that it is easy for me to think nothing of them.  So I am curious as I mentally take in everything I see every morning and wonder what significance it has on my life.  I know very silly sounding but it is interesting to think about.

I saw the alarm clock this morning. Of course I groaned and wanted to pound a hammer into the silly old thing. Then I realized, it wasn’t the alarm clock but a beautiful winchester time clock in the living room.  David of course bounced out of bed and began the day.  I on the other stepped on the ant and went back to sleep (Provers 6:6-8).   Later on of course I regretted the decision. I was so full and needed pumping.  In search of relief I pushed the warm toasty covers away and went to fulfill my mission.  Once mission was acomplished I had to feed Piglet, or Emma.   Then there was breakfast to be had.  For some reason we need to eat.  It occured to me at this point that I went through daily routine without thinking.  Here I had the opportunity to pump for two other babies as well and feed my own dear Euphemia.  I had a chance to talk to her and I read instead.   I love getting my reading done while I nurse.  I had a breakfast to prepare.  We had food!  What a thought especially when there are websites for you to play to give one grain of rice to a starving family.  And not only did we have food but I made extra food to share at church today after communion.  No it wouldnt be a grand affair but the children would enjoy the snickerdoodle cookies and the adults the cheese and crackers.  

There is a song (rather childish one) that sings about the Bible;
The B-I-B-L-E yes that’s the book for me.
I stand upon the Word of God, The B-I-B-L-E, BIBLE!
How often I take the Words therein for granted.  I mean, we are surrounded by the Living Word everyday.  It is nothing to us.  We are not physically persecuted for seeing the Words or hearing them being taught.  Can we really imagine what it must be like to be imprisoned for even being a Christian?

With such thoughts as these I head of to our place of Worship.  God curb my thoughts towards Thee.