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When I first had Emma I realized I wouldnt have as many milk problems as some women have.  I have been very blessed.  When I was little I thought because I had such a big chest it meant I could have more babies. I know differently now, it is for more milk!

So, with Emma just nursing off the one side and having a bottle in the evening of the pumped milk from the other, I thought, “what am I going to do with all this milk?!”  I pumped every 4 hours to keep the milk supply up. Filled bags in the freezer, David would drink some with breakfast, whatever was necessary to make sure the milk (my hard work) didn’t go down the drain.   So, I went to pumping every six hours.  Less milk, less hassle.  We still would fill the freezer with more milk than Emma could possibly drink. 

I began to be discouraged. The hospital wouldnt take my milk, what could we do with it? I asked for help on one of the boards I frequented. Someone suggested a milk bank.  Well, I looked at what it would take. Um.. a tall stack of paperwork, lots of test, free stuff and a healthy baby.  I would love to help a healthy baby but all that is required there is no way I could go  through.  They want so much information.  And I do drink coffee (I know, a no no).   But we had to do something with it. Like I previously mentioned, our hospital does not want it.  They want blood, and money= bloodmoney.

So, when I finally was ready to send in the proper forms to donate it (not exactly sure where it would have gone) I received a nice email saying,  See if some adoptive family could use it.  PING!  A secretary at dh work just adopted a baby.  Then my mind went spining. A nice young man from church had a baby and his girlfriend has been giving forumla so I thought maybe I would just ask to see if it was something they wanted.  He said he would prefer to use that. Hooray!

So now I am a nursemaid (matron). I am feeding 3 babies. 2 more or less with forumula as well.  I pumped just this morning 8oz. YIKES! Well, one down.  Emma is not lacking for food. She is still a healthy girl and enjoys the cuddle moments with her Mama.  I am back to pumping every 4 hours again. 

It’s thrush, the reason I still cant feed Emma on the other side.  It has been diagnosed with Thrush.  Thank you Mumsie for the diagnoses… I think?  Anyway, we cannot seem to find any recommended creams or tablets to take care of that stuff here in town but hopefully… someday…soon… still browsing websites here.