I am often asked this question.  “What is it that you do?” Should I respond with, 
“I’m a full time mom”
“A stay at home mom”
“Hearth Keeper”
“A stay at home wife and a full time Mother”.

Honestly, I really do not know how work mom’s do it.  Yesterday was a busy day.  I was here and there and everywhere.   We hadn’t really done our shopping in a week,  I had laundry piled a mile high,  I had my last Christmas party to go to, and I had meals to make, a baby to take care (much more willingly then any of the other stuff on the list!!!),  I also had to finish up the cups to take to the Glow Source store I mentioned in previous blogs.  Dinner was late because Emma decided she needed my undivided attention.  We laughed, we played,  she ate and I read to her from Genesis (what a way to start the new year off!).  Poor hubby dear. After having to get up at 5 because Emma was so hungry he was thuroughly exhausted and longed for a restful evening.   I can’t imagine having to do all that and still finding time to make sure another company was running smoothly.  My own home has been neglected just by being on the computer in the morning.  Shame Challice!

I try to keep up my blog, mainly to teach ME how to write and to take time to enjoy the moments that God has given me each day.  But I know that it is more important to keep a home a haven. And so if I dont get to update everyday I do apologize to my readers. I can’t imagine the pressure of the larger bloggers have about updating every day. YIKES!

So, Christmas, it was wonderful! Christmas Eve with a candle light service, going over to Mumsie’s house to open up one gift (David and I had a exception.  We opened 3!).  Christmas morning was spent at home.  David read in his soothing gentlemanlike voice Luke 2, Matthew 1, and Isaiah.  Emma snuggled up with me in the rocking chair.  Our bellies content with the Christmas breakfast of eggs, morning glory muffins, persimmons, and the rare water.  Our stocking were opened bit by bit.  While I was making breakfast David would open a gift.  

We decided to go with a poem on how to choose gifts,
Something to wear
Something you need
Something you want
and Something to read!

I got a pair of boots to wear, a mop as a want, a pair of copper scrubbies and a need, and I got to read the label on my new Scotch Brite Spong brush!  What a man! He knows how to spoil his woman!!!
David recieved a pair of new pants for something to wear, as his are very faded for Church.  A camera bag as something he wanted, a new devotional as something to read, and a new Pioneer Woman Calender as something he needs. Everyone needs a calender!  

Emma recieved her new hat that I made from both Mommy and Daddy.  Her Bestamor gave her Carl’s Christmas, and a pair of wooden build up blocks.  Mom, if you read this, what is the correct name for them? We were so blessed by the generosity and love from those near and dear to us as well. 

We were so thrilled to have Dan and Adrienne come up for our New Years Eve Day open house Party.  Whew, say that 10 times fast!   Unfortunetly, sadly, we didnt get a picture of us but here is the picture we did manage to get-


Well, all taht being said, I really must go.  Happy New Year ya’all! God bless ye!