Christmas season, oh the joy it gives to all mankind.  Certainly there are the moments when you are ready to pull your hair out and forget about the whole day but then the gentle reminder of a sweet babe gets the spirit rejoicing again.    Maybe I have more of that gentle reminder since God blessed us with a sweet baby this Christmas.  

As I dressed my Emma a few days ago in a bright red sweater given by a dear friend I reflected on the fact that red is a common Christmas color.  Everyone wear’s red.  You want a new sweatshirt for the season its usually red.  Emma’s new baby Christmas outfit is red (thanks to her darling Aunt Braelyn ) I have a new red cordoroy skirt (or I would have if the blasted thing would fit my big hips), David loves his burgandy faux suede shirt.  It struck me at this moment how we cover ourselves in red.  So in the spiritual realm, we cover ourselves with the blood of Christ.  That is after all a reason we celebrate Christmas right?  Christ came to give his blood for us.  To cleanse us so that we might be as white as snow.  “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”  sings through my head and a smile dances on my lips.  It got me to thining what other things do we use for Christmas that could show an anology?
Christmas lights, to symbol the star that showed the shepherds the way.   Pretty packages, well, I havent come up with one for that.  A tree, the family tree that made it’s way through the David line to Christ.   Etc Etc Etc.

It is time for me to go worship and prepare my heart for the celebrating of Christ’s birth.  Why do I find Christmas so important?  Because without a birth there could be no death, without a death there could be no life! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers!