It was a year that we were going to go see my Grandparents for Christmas.  Of course we were excited…We hadnt been on a vacation in 8-10 years! The live in the midwest and we are as far west as you can get….Sunny California.  It’s kind of difficult to pack up a family of 10 (at the time) and head on over in a big Ford 15 passenger van.  If you have seen today’s gas prices you can understand.  It takes a lot of saving and planning.   Probably this was one of my more memorable one’s because it also was the start of a courtship between my husband.   The details are too embarrasing to tell right now about how we decided to get more serious… perhaps another entry someday…

So, the night before we left my handsome future husband comes to wish us goodbye.  There are suitcases everywhere and pillows and blankets and everything.  We say our goodbyes and at 5:30am the next morning…. we depart.

5 days later;
The day before Christmas.  WE had been at Grandma A’s house for 3-4 days and were heading out to visit Grandma H for Christmas day.  8 hour trip.  It was so nice to see them again and my Aunt and Uncle and their girls were able to make it up too!  It is kind of funny to me how my Grandma H had two boys and the eldest one (my Uncle) has 3 girls and my daddy has 7 girls… but he did manage a boy or two.  Anyway, back to the story.    Christmas.  My Grandpa has old-timers and so he ended up opening both his present and Uncle S- .  He didnt understand so we also got to go mall shopping! What fun! It was so fun, I dont really remember it at all.  Except daddy did get a Iowa state University shirt.  He will tell you that that is the best college in the world.  Go Cardinals!   That Christmas I recieved a lovely sweater and a pansy cross stitch kit (I had JUST finished the same one the same day.  Luckily, Grandma didnt notice).  Our stocking we opened at Grandma A’s house.  I had a whole bunch of embroidery fun in them.  I do remember my sister Braelyn mentioning that it wasnt a very fun Christmas.  I couldnt understand why she said that? I mean, what’s not to love about Christmas?  Family, fun and friends and most of all, the reminder of a perfect babe in a manger!!!!!!!!!!

We came home after 2 weeks (almost 3?) from vacation.  It was a beautiful homecoming.  I saw a familar car parked out front.  It could only be one man,  yes, we surprised my handsom future husband.  He was making small house repairs all over and boy I think he ended up more surprised!  See why I married the guy??

Yes, I will remember that Christmas forever!