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The pounds are going away! I am in a Biggest Loser Holiday edition.  Our goal is not to gain any lbs this holiday season which is very difficult when you are making lots of goodies, forgetting to eat so you pig out, and you are too busy to do any exercising.  The upshot, if you have a very good scale,  you can loose 5lbs in a few seconds.    How you may ask? Well, here is what I did.   First I weighed myself.  162 (hey, I am a 5ft 9″ gal!)  Not exactly what I was hoping for.  So I decide to shred some clothes and see what happens…. ugh, I gained 2 lbs doing that.  Ok, undies go back on.  Weigh myself again, 162.   hmm…. I get on the scale and weigh again. 165.5 . WHAT?!   I grab Emma to weigh her…. 174.  I get her off, 162.  So I am just stuck with that 162.  David says, she cant be only 12lbs.  So I step back on… 157!!!!! WOO HOO!   And so my dear friends, that is how you can loose pounds this holiday season… Reason with your scale…. Add clothes on, dont take them off.

 More from our home journal,  With Christmas being next week ( are you in denial too?) I have been baking my holiday gifts and trying to get so much sewing done.  To help make ends meet I have also excepted a position at Glow Source. I do the replacement batteries.  I can take them home and do them. It’s been very convienent, unless I start them just before dinner.  😉  So my days are quite busy with being a mom, wife, homekeeper, and the all soccer mom.

 Here I end, to wish you all a Merry Christmas.