It was eleven years ago today.  I was 8 years old.  I remember that week.   Sunday the preacher had given us an invitation as always to come forward and be baptized.  For some reason it struck me more this week.  I asked Daddy what it exactly meant on the way home.  Why did he keep asking people to come and be baptized? Daddy explained it so I could understand.  I read my bible a lot that week.  I wanted to understand.   I rememeber asking my Mother for different verses that Daddy had quoted.  I believe it was on a wednesday (Clarinet lesson) that I went to Mumsie and said, 
    “I think I need to be baptized.”
“Why do you think so?”
“Cause Jesus said we should.  I want to go to heaven someday.”   I dont remember saying more but I am sure I did.  I bet mumsie did think once or twice if I just wanted to partake in the communion which was grape juice and crackers.  A real treat for us and maybe there was a part of me that did.  I’d like to think it was entirely goodness or a desire to be on my part. 😉

Daddy came home from work early after Mumsie explained the situation.  She called Mr. Ennis and his wife who was like a grandma to me and we headed over to the church about 15 minutes away.   My Daddy baptized me.  Something really shocking is, I was baptized in pants! Yep, green or pink ones.  Those were the only ones I had at the time.  Daddy asked if I believed taht Jesus Christ was the Son of God.  I nodded. Daddy pushed me all the way under.  My feet popped up and he pushed those down too.  Gotta make sure that she is truly dunked eh?  I believe they sang, “oh Happy Day” probably like a funeral march to Mumsie’s delight…NOT.

So, 11 years later.  I have come a long way.  Emma was baptized 1 week and 1 day old.  Interesting for me to think about.  I have been purified so many times but each purification reveals another weakness or spot that needs refining.  I often forget that I have been washed with crimson blood.  I am being cleansed to be whiter than snow.  The blood that has cleansed me and made me whole is from the one who is pure white, the unspotted Lamb! 

It is near Christmas and Handel’s Messiah is being played all over.  I can’t help but think that God opened me up at this time because each year at this time, Messiah has a deeper and deeper meaning.