Pommie2Pomegrante Jam Recipe with pictures.

1. Peel as many pomegrante’s and you think it will take to make 5 cups of juice.  This is long and tedious work. It is ok to peel some, refridgerate the seeds, peel some more, refridgerate, etc.   This is what I had to do since I have Emma.


2.  Once you have your seeds all ready, you juice em.  The juice should sit out atleast 24 hours for the foam to rise.  Scoop it out with a spoon and then we are ready for the next step.




3.   Now, Emma was fussy at this point so I have no more pictures but here is what you do.   In a sauce pan put the juice and heat it a wee bit, add the pectin, stir til boiling.  Add 3 cups of sugar and bring it back to a boil and stir for 1 minute.
Remove from heat.   Pour into sterilized and ready to go jars.  Set to seal (about 24 hours).   Can take up to two weeks for setting.