I love Christmas. I love the chatter of planning gifts, The smell of apple cider cooking (but I’ll drink hot chocolate instead), the stocking hung by the woodburning stove with care,  The tree lit up with lights and ornaments (but this year I get to decorate my kitchen doorway,  cd’s playing away with carols sung to our Lord,  and of course the time when people really think about Jesus.  Some people focus so much on remembering Jesus because it is His time,  others do forget the meaning of Christmas, while still others (like hubby and myself) take the time to remember Him through the Word, giving gifts and remembering THE Gift, enjoying the season, and so much more. 

 Every year the celebration starts and Thanksgiving.  We give thanks to God for all His blessing throughout the year and throughout history.  We enjoy that bounty over dinner and during the day we rest.  We also enjoy the fact that everyone else is enjoying the day and the streets are hushed, the normal business of the day is quiet.  The day after thanksgiving we usually get a tree.  This year however, we will not be getting one.  We have no room. So hubby dearest let me decorate the doorway with swags and white lights and candycanes.   Ahhhh, what beauty is before my eyes.  The shephers cane, the blood, the pure white of Him who died for me. 

 We had a most interesting year.  I got pregnant in Jan.  found out in Feb.  Sick by March, well again by June almost July, and had our little Jr. Muffin by Oct.  Yes, I am speaking of Euphemia, our Emma.  I also had my first hospital stay and I finally got my drivers liscense.  We are just now getting medical bills on top of the other expensive bills.   I feel like we are being hit all at once.  Mortage due, credit card due (for Emma’s PKU test) Dr. bill due (2 mortage payments), radiologist bill due, Insurance premium due, 2 other hospital bills due…. Christmas gifts, I am making all I can.   I love to give and I am finding useful tips for giving things that I can make but arent going to be cheapo looking. 

Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy this season.  O come Emmanuel, God is with us!