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We all at one time or another recieved a doll (in some form, whether it be an actual doll or a teddy bear) and what did we do with it? It became our child.  We nurtured it, feed it (as you can a stuffed being ;)) put it to bed, and all that jazz.  Fast forward a decade… A new mother, what is she doing?  She is getting up at 2am to feed the baby and rock her to sleep.  She is tired but the baby needs food!  She nodds off and wakes up to a small infant biting down on her feeding tube (provided by mama dearest) and yelps, waking the baby back up as well.  Oh what joy motherhood provides!  OK, so that story was more for your entertainment than a complain.  (But it DID hurt!)  We still get to dress our babies! That is so much fun!  We change the diapers as we did our dolls (but this time we plug our noses as well!)  we cuddle them and read our favorite childhood stories to them.   But can life be all that easy?  No way! What about the times that we aren’t enough.   We can’t comfort them, they want to stay awake while we sleep.  Did dollhood prepare us for that?  There is a new doll out I hear that makes crying sounds every three hours.   Supposedly it is to train our teenage culture.  Hogwash! You can stuff a doll in a closet and forget about it but you will never be able to fully forget your child!  You can’t love a doll as you would a child.  Too much work and love goes into that being.  They grow up, they learn from you.  A doll has no brains!  Can you prepare a doll for heaven?  Can you sing to a doll as a teenager and not feel silly or stupid?   This will have to be a 2 part series as I am being interupted to feed my baby.  🙂