A house, it is our home and here is our update;
So, its been an eventful week. This past weekend my dear hubby built some shelves in our closet for my fabric so it isnt all over the floor! YAY! It was even more special not only because he made them (staying up til 10-11pm doing it) but also because he used my cedar chest wood. The cedar chest had had it and I was sorry to see it go, but hubby has put the wood to good use. They will hold my fabric dear and keep em smelling good too!

Euphemia and her feedings. Well we are still using the sheild on the one side. The left side has healed up nicely and she can be on wrong and I dont notice. EEK! But on the other hand it means that things are looking up. She slept for 6 hours straight last night. Oh thank you Emma! I know I was crying while you were up for those three hours while I had a headache and just wanted some sleep but honey, go ahead and do it some more if it means I can get sleep like that. Of course if you snored a bit louder that would be great too cause then I wouldnt be worried if you were alive or not. 😉

I talk so much about the problems we are having to face but in this entry I NEED to mention how much fun Euphemia is. She has the same character and she had in the womb. She has a sweet side to her that we love to cuddle with. She sleeps like a rosebud. But as the poem says, when she’s bad, she’s horrid… ok, she is not THAT bad but it is a bit trying and you want to give in to her cute little screams. But no, I am not going to pay for that later. Papa loves his little daughter. If he knew the song I bet that he could go around the house humming,
“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…
When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of may…
I guess you’d say, ‘what can make me feel this way…’
Yep, that’s what we are, Daddy’s grils! 🙂