Emma dear has decided she misses Papa so much that she will wail out her opinions. But even still, when Papa gets home she still fusses and complains about his absence. Still we are not taking enough notice of her so she will complain far into the night, sleep for a couple hours and fuss a few more hours. On the bright side, feedings are begining to look up! Thank you Lord. I read Psalm 117 to Euphemia today as we were being fed (me spiritually and her more physically). I was ashamed at how quickly I could go from one problem to another, complain to God and yet when He “fixes” it I show Him another area that needs fixing. That song that the Kingston Trio sings, “Where have all the flowers gone?” There is a line in there that says, “When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?” That’s kind of how my walk with God is. Life can throw some pretty curved balls your way but I am determind that though the walls fall around me I shall continue to praise Him. Why shouldn’t I? The Lord has done great things for us, therefore we shall rejoice!!!!!!!

On the more mundane list of things, I finished Andra’s quillow today. Her birthday was the 17th but I couldnt sit properly at the sewing table to make her birthday gift. I am sure she will like it and as soon as i can, I will take a picture to show off this adorable thing. I love Walmart! Cute fabric so cheap! MY kind of living! ๐Ÿ˜€

Pictures of the finished project:

All folded up

opened up.