Feeding is not a natural easy thing for everyone. I am going to try not to turn this into too big of a untrue rant but I just wanna scream. Nothing seems to fall into place right now. Even my poor husband is at his wits end on what to do to feed Euphemia and save my feeding equipment.
Seems like that takes up the whole day. We are so lucky to have such an understanding boss. David is going to come home periodically throughout today and we are going to have a go at feeding her.
A friend sent me this link to help me http://www.wiessinger.baka.com/bfing/howworks/latchtalk.html
Unfortunetly Emma closes her mouth too soon and we have to fight her hands. Swaddling just doesnt work as she is too strong and independent for that.

She still makes us smile. She still has her loveable moments. But when it comes to feeding, it better be here and now! Goodness girl, Mama needs a bit of a break!!!!!!!!!!