Monday sometime after lunch (2:30-3:00 for me since Euphemia has taken over the regular lunch hour ) I brewed up some raspberry tea to drink while doing the dishes so I could keep an infection from happening. At this point I am going to say that we thought I had passed all the membranes that were still left. About 1/2 a cup later I started getting really bad cramping and really heavy. I just assumed I had over did it for the day (laundry was completed, dishes almost done, all the picture taking, ect. etc.) so I would finish up dishes, take a shower and try to nap. It rapidly got worse. I took the shower but it did not relieve anything. So I laid down and after 15-20 minutes the pain still had not subsided and I was begining to moan like labor I called Mumsie to see if she thought it wise that I call the midwife and see what was going on. I hate to make a big deal or panic over nothing and I know the midwife was probably either just getting up from a nap or managing to get another one in. This was a little after 4. Mumsie said wouldnt hurt and so I did. Midwife didnt like the sound of what was going on and I guess I had a horrible sounding voice at that point and said she would be right over. I called David’s boss to get a hold of David (The shop was really slow so his boss had him doing some carpentry at his own home) and told David what was going on. Horray for terrific bosses! Mumsie sent Morgann over to help me. Actually, now taht I remember, Morgann was here to give me her phone number cause I didnt have it by heart and I couldnt get to the refridgerator. Morgann was terrific and helped with Euphemia. It was so cute, every time Emma stirred Morgann would ask, “Should I pick her up?” “No, she isnt wailing…””She made a fuss, do I pick her up now?””Is she still fussing?””well…”It was too funny, but to her “delight” Euphemia did wake up about 2-3 minutes later and very hungry. There was no way I could get up to feed her. Midwife arrived and Morgann asked if a bottle of goats milk was in order. (I think she really hates to hear babies cry. LOL) Midwife asked if I could feed her and I told her that I couldnt physically get up. We hadnt done the laying down position for a while cause I cant get her to latch correctly taht way. Midwife basically plopped Euphemia and when she wailed with her mouth as wide as an alligator she shoved her face into me. Instant relief. I told Euphemia she was welcome to eat all day. Midwife then began asking question, poked and probbed a bit but was kind of stumped about what it was. She called her other midwife and they both could only guess another clot was trying to pass through. I had to use the restroom after she was finished eating and did pass the other membrane that was left. David was home at this point and it looked like a bright future was ahead of us. Midwife took my temp. and it was normal. She said if I started to get a fever and if my temp. spiked to call her and we would most likely go into the ER. I was fine at that point (but tired) so I just kind of brushed it off and thanked her. I noticed later that my ears were getting warm but I was still cold. Usually and indication for ME that I am starting to get a fever. David noticed I was a bit redder and took the temp again. I was 100.8 (I was 98 with Midwife) this was only 1-1.5 hours later. We kept retaking the temp just to be sure that we were reading this right. It was too 102 and we called Midwife and headed in. I was in the ER for about 1 hour before I was checked and about 2-3 (?) hours before they had a bed open for me. First dr. that checked me was great. He did the pelvic exam and said he need to call and OB. OB came and did the exact pelvic exam but he was a bit more uncomfortable. Oh and when he checked me for a bre*st infection he just ripped the bra up and ripped open the almost healed side. The nurse that we thought was a bit less friendly was kind of wide eye and said, “I can unhook”. It was too late at that point. David unfortunetly had stepped out to check on Euphemia and didnt see anything and I was too much in pain at that point to say anything but man was I mad. I was admitted and they were going to do a ultrasound in the AM. Ultrasound showed no more “left overs” and they think what happened was when the last clot/membrane left, it opened an infection and kind of started from there. They put me on antibiotic, which they say was teh strongets thing and it took 3-4 bags of it to let me be released and now i have to do a oral antibiotic as well. (Makes me wonder how strong it is… ) First night was I was waken so often because the fever was breaking but wasnt gone and the vitals had to be checked so often. Golly I just wanted to sleep this off! Poor David I think got 2 hours of sleep that night. Euphemia was up once for a feeding. By morning we were just exhausted. They kept me another day. It was boooorring. All you could do was lay there. I hadnt eaten in almost 24 hours at that point (in case they had to do a D&C) and I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hungry. We had great nurses. One funny Korean lady. Oh she was a hoot. Asked if the baby was vaccinated and went into details on that. I told her I was but I wasnt going to vaccinate my child. She was sweet and said, “ok, you think about it. I wont tell you too.” That day was very long. David brought some sewing and I had planned to sew up all my burp cloths. What else was I going to do? Well, the scissors was remembered, the thread, but I had no needle. Which was probably good since the IV made bending my arm a bit difficult. They kept me another night and by 1:00 the next day they prepped me to go home. Euphemia had a rough day taht morning. She was waking every 1 1/2- 2 hours on average to eat for a full hour. The room we were in was kind of cold. David slept with blankets and a jacket and we used body heat to keep Euphemia warm. I couldnt do it cause of a fever issue but I dont think David complained too much. I am sure there is more info. that could be of use but that is the jist of it. SOunds like everything is fine and falling back into a normal place. I am so frusterated that it happened but there really was nothing that we could do that would have changed the courses of events. There is nothing I look back on with regrets. This could have happened wether it was a home birth or a hospital birth. I take comfort in the fact that several nurses said the same thing, except for OB, who “wouldnt have advised any of this”. I read Psalm 116 today. And while it is a Psalm of deliverance from death I thought it was really encouraging for me as well. Thank you Lord for protecting us. Thank you Mumsie for keeping my hubby well fed as well! 😀