It has been a long and yet short week for us. When it seemed like we were making progress on learning the ropes for family living we took 2 steps back. For an update on our little Emma, She is fine. She is healthy. She is sleepy. She sleeps most of the day and it up for about a 2 hour period during the night. She is becoming a little piglet and has up her feeding time from 15 minutes to almost 20 on each side. Of course she throws up half of her second feeding or looses it the other way. Kind of frusterating for Mama here who has to go through a lot of pain just to get it into her. It is hard to believe she has gotten so big in just one week. Her baptism was yesterday. We now have a perfect little heathen.

I am doing ok. Some difficulties regarding a possible infection. I wasnt passing a blood clot like I needed too and there was a good chance it was getting infected. I guzzled water, tea, vitamin c, ambrotose, and Eucerine (or something like taht). We might have been able to get a hold on it. Still praying for a complete recovery though. The left side for feeding Emma has healed nicely (thanks lacinoh) but the right still is being stubborn and looks awfull. Feeding has become very hard and frusterating for both of us. This is an area that prayers would be most helpful.

Papa went back to work today. That was very tough. He has been such a comfort and support this past week that it was so difficult so say goodbye. I know he will only be gone for 8-10 hours but someone might have told me that he packed his bags and left by the way I was just bawling this morning. It’s so hard to be strong on your own but I know that a loving Father will provide the comfort and stregnth that will help me make it through the day.

I read 2 Corinthians 3 today and prayed to our Father that he would give me the glory of Him to shine through me. This is my prayer, to live for Him, to love Him more daily and hourly.

We are a family. It is not just hubby and I anymore. The responsibilities have become greater. What a pleasant challenge that is before us. Every good thing comes from the Lord.