It’s all kind of a blur now, I do not know where exactly to start here. Perhaps Friday night would be good. I had asked Mumsie if she had any castor oil floating around. I needed a good cleansing (I know gross sounding but true ) and figured she would be the one to ask. We went to my nephew’s (twins) birthday party, ate pizza, had cake, and rootbear. I came home and said, “I have gotta get dinner out!” and so only took 2 tsp. Around 2:30am Saturday I noticed that the contraction I had was more backpain rather than the abdomen tightening but tried to brush it off and go back to sleep. This continued on and off until I finally got up around 5:30am. Didnt really sleep much and David had been awake since 3:30-4 (from the meal we had the night before as well?) Anyway, pass all the small talk here. Contractions were about 4 minutes apart. Getting a bit stronger each hour but manageable. About 10ish I called Mumsie and asked her what she thought, described the contractions… She said it sounded like it might be the “real thing”. So I told David. Walked around abit. I think at that time they had slowed down to 10 minutes apart, which I was like (Dont stop!) So I went outside and walked. I went for a walk. Oh yeah and I also, walked. The contractions did pick up again for which I had mixed emotions about. They were a bit harder and got to the point where I had to lie down to deal with them. I asked David at that point to call the midwife and let her know. Then we kind of just waited. Mumsie made and had chicken salad brought over. It was good too snack on! But then the contractions picked up and got to intense to do that again with. David was great, He rubbed my back. About 1pm the contractions were intense enough that I suggested to David that he call the midwife to come. At this point I should mention that during the morning David was “nesting”. I never had a “nesting” period. I was kind of irritated at all the work he was doing while I was moaning in pain but I am so glad now that he did. Sorry hubby dear!!!!!!! So he prepared everything. The midwife arrived sometime after 1pm but before 2. She had just had a baby (1 month ago?) and so she brought him along. The baby cry was a wonderful distraction. During all the contractions I was lying down. It felt better and I could cat nap for a whole minute or two between them. David continued to rub my back and I continued to moan. Contractions kept getting worse and worse and I remember a couple times people stopping by but I know that I was too out of it to know who and why. Chicken soup came! The broth was wonderful, delicious! I remember thinking, “This is so great!!!!” Around 7 I think Transition came. David called Mamacita (MIL) at that point and she came over. David got to get a small cat nap and she made sure that during the contractions I breathed and relaxed. From taht point on I really dont remember much. I do know that they needed to get sugar in me so they fed me yogurt and I was like “PUKE! this is too sweet get it away!” A little after 9 I’m told I started pushing. It didnt feel like I was doing it right and I think I held back some. Midwife had asked if I was forcing myself to push or if I was ready. I dont remember my reply but she did ask next contraction for me not to push. I told her I couldnt I had to. I was still laying on my side. I did this for maybe 40-45 minutes? At taht point she asked to check my dilation. First time. I told her, “go for it, I dont care”. She checked and said, “OK! Challice, I need you to get on your hands and knee’s. I can see the head.” Hallalujah! Got on my hands and knee’s and started pushing. Head came and Midwife asked dh if he wanted to catch her. I couldnt let go of his hand and I really needed him to keep rubbing the lower of my back. So midwife caught our little Euphemia. There was a minor tear. The placenta came about 1 hour later. Everything is great. We finally have nursing under control . God has been so wonderful!