As my dear Emma would say. (Jane Austen)

So, this morning I had my hubby drop me off at my dear mum’s house on his way to work. This is 7:30am. At 5:00pm I was taken home. So, what kept me so busy? Cleaning out totes! We cleaned and went through 15-20 rubbermaid size totes of fabric, clothes, you name it! Mumsie and I, workaholics to get this stuff O-U-T- OUT! We threw out atleast 4 bags of stuff (1-2 clothes that were just dead) 1 very moldy bag of fabric (lid wasn’t on properly and so when it rained… well the rest is history) and atleast 2 bags of just fabric that could not be used.
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We sorted all the totes, a bit here, and a bit there. Now for the great but terrible news. I get to bring home at least three bags of fabric that Mumsie didnt want but I did. *faint*. How can you resist fabric though? What am I going to tell my dear husband?! I can picture the scene now,
“My dear, its all elementary my dear Watkins”. For the men that perhaps read this blog, this is the side of women that some people say can be controlled by chocolate. Not this lady, although chocolate is very yummy and I will never refuse it, I can be more controlled by fabric. OK, that just sounds wrong. Oh and by the way, never say “Funky” when you are frusterated and have to repeat it several times… It just doesnt work.
So, guess what we are doing tomorrow? The other unfinished half of totes!!!!!!!!