Well, what an exciting title… I am not creative when it comes to things like that unfortunetly. First I need to ask of those that read my little blog to please, please pray for my dear husband. The depression is very bad and I hate to see him suffer so. He is trying to be strong but feel’s so inadequit as a husband and soon to be father.

I’m hoping to try to only get online (use the computer) during the week days. For now that will be Mon-Thur and take the weekends off, unless I “need” to check something. The main decision for this is I would love to be able to be available to my dh at all times. I noticed this past weekend that when I am on, he tends to leave me alone so he wont bother me. I am married to him, not to this computer. Some people have a gluttony for food, I have it for the internet. . This will also be a great time for me to exercise self-control and denial. One of the few things in life that I daily need to exercise myself in. Ok, well, that’s it for today! Such an interesting post I know. But I hope that someone can find it enjoyable for today!

Have a cup of tea!