Ok, so everyone wants to know how I am feeling. Well, instead of posting all over the place trying to update everyone I will just post here. After all, isnt that what this blog is for? πŸ˜€
I am feeling normal as can be. I was awake (as much as you can be awake at 1,2,4 am ) most of the night. I wasnt feeling all that great. Don’t know why as I feel fine now. Probably WAY over tired because I havent been sleeping well the past couple days. AS I stated in my previous entry, my dearest earthly treasure (namely dh) has been suffering through terrible depression and it has physically effected him where its hard for him to walk around. So, when he needs to get up during the night I know he is up as he stumbles to the kitchen for a drink or the bathroom. Poor guy. Dear it will pass! Anyway, so I woke up feeling like I had the flu. Couldnt move really, told dh he would have to make his own breakfast and I might be able to throw things together for a lunch and then I stumbled back into bed. 1/2 hour later, I was perfectly fine. Go figure. No labor symptoms at all. Mumsie is still giving me atleast 2-3 days. I love her so πŸ˜› So this is the update. Baby is fine and healthy, mama is doing ok, really wanting a tall mocha frapuchino but not willing to pay a gas gallon for one at the moment. LOL. Although I do owe my sister for one she brought me last night! She loves me! πŸ˜€