My dearest is not doing so well. His depression is very bad. People ask me how is it to be a wife of a man that has to suffer through depression. Well, you still are a wife and you still are your husband’s helpmeet. The method of your “help” will be a bit different than most “normal” days but you are still married to the same man and still have to do the same responsibilities. Yes, its a bit harder on days like these, but he is also having a hard day too. You arent the only one. So this morning, we had two cups of tea made. I usually drop a note of encouragement in his lunch box but today I ran out of time because we decided to nuggle’ in bed a wee bit longer. The mornings are colder. Who wants to get up and rush out the door to work? I think he forgave me dont you?

Well, I could turn this entry into another autobiography of my life on a wednesday day but I have decided not to today. Today I wanna type out how much I love my husband.

  • My husband works very hard to provide for this family.
  • My husband loves the Lord very much, even though he doubts his faith on days like this. Hang in there dear! I know you can do it.
  • Even when his depression overwhelms his life so much he still will try to make the day a bit brighter for me. This tells me of his thoughtfulness of others
  • He has a sensible head on his shoulders. He thinks things out, and while it may take a while for an answer I know its because he doesnt like to rush into something that may turn out not worth while. No one can say he isnt thurough in his research.
  • He is handsome. Not a requirement but definetly nice.
  • He likes us to eat healthy and will take the necessary measures in order to do so. Why? So we can have energy to do the things that we would like and need to do!
  • Frugal hubby- how many can say that?! He has been teaching me some great lessons
  • He works so hard to know how to biblically answer any questions I may have for him
  • He loves being the leader of his home
  • If I go on like this I know I will never end… and the soup is boiling over!!!!!!!!!