I think I will dedicate this week to tea’s. So my title throughout the week will be the day with a cup of tea. It certainly is nice enough weather for it. And no, I do not mean the sweetend stuff that people call tea. I mean a good one that has to deal with slaving over a hot stove (ok maybe not slaving) in order to get the water boiling and your cup happy.

Today I hiked over to Mumsie’s house (http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/sewingfanatic) to drop off a new jumper for my three younger sisters (Jenna, Andra and Lorna). They loved em. Jenna wanted to save her jumper, Andra decided digging in her silk pajama bottoms was more fun, and Lorna brought me more fabric and previous outfits I had given her. I think she was eager for more. Then Lorna went into the hall closet and searched for shoes. She came back with one pink clog and one black sandle. She was ready to model.
“Pictures… Pictures…” She kept saying. I didnt bring my camera or I would have, cause she looked so miserable when I first arrived and now a new jumper brightened her day. Such a diva. Do you think we have trained her to be a model or what? LoL.

What is left for the rest of the day? Well, I know I NEED to make something with that ground beef in the fridge. I hope it’s still good. Enchilada’s sound easy and good. I would love to cut a shirt out. I was going to do a couple cordoroy skirts for this winter but I think I may just skip that and see what I can work with, with what I have already. Mostly denim… I do like a bit of viriety but denim… anything can go with denim. YEAH!

So, this has been Tuesday’s Tea with me. Tune in tomorrow to hear, well, Wednesday’s Tea!