We dedicated the begining of a new week yesterday by worshiping God. Today we begin a new work week. It is 8 am and I have already, made lunch and breakfast for David, Started a white load of laundry, put away dishes, changed the sheets on the bed, and spent a small time in the closet. I am now enjoying my cup of hot choco—er tea! I will check the blogs, check email (mainly deleting spam) and see what is going on in the HearthKeeper Cafe’.
The day ahead will be a busy one.

Jr. Muffin is very active right now and it is hard to acomplish something when someone is kicking your stomache out and having hiccups every half hour. We are still negotiating the expectant arrival. I would love for him to come right now but I think he is waiting for a bit warmer weather? HA! Forget it. Does he want some more flesh/meat on him? Ok, I can handle that. πŸ™‚ Midwife will be here this evening for her weekly update. It’s hard to believe that 9 months have gone by. You have 6 days Jr. Muffin.

As of 11:25am I have,
Went to walmart and purchased some cute fabric to make my sister a quillow for her birthday,
ship a packaged fed ex
hung the white load on the line and dark load is ready as well to do so.