My friend ( made a list of things she needs to do and I realized that this is what I needed to do as well. If I post it online then perhaps knowing that people are seeing the progress taking place, will get my butler into gear.

Today (Saturday)
(Red means done/complete)

  1. Babysitting Michael from 8-8
  2. 2) Purple plaid dresses
  3. Finish making nightgown and dress for friend
  4. cut out nursing shirt (E. Lee)
  5. Write letters, and birthday cards for inlaw’s
  6. Wrap birthday gifts


  1. Church
  2. Birthday celebration at in-laws house


  1. Ship packages
  2. Talk to Jr. Muffin about coming sometime soon
  3. Blog
  4. Make an apple dress for someone on HK
  5. Cut skirts out
  6. Midwife coming at 6
  7. Finish nursing jacket for midwife

Well, I think that should keep me busy for a time. Life will run away with me. So, I shall finish my cup of tea and set to getting myself busy. Thank you Adrienne for the kick in the butler!!!!!