I do a lot of writing. I love to write letters to friends and family members. There is just something so nice as personal handwriting a letter on fine stationary, An envelope addressed, a postman greeting you as you exchange the letter for some bills knowing the other person on the recieving end will be greeted by such a letter. My friend wrote me today. We had been discussing Matthew 24 back and forth but both agreed that it was something that both of us could not understand as well as we would have liked. We felt God closing that door on us and telling us to wait until He reveiled the mystery of the chapter in His own time. What a debate we could have had. How often do you recieve letters? Has it become a lost art? I recieve cards with a quick message and I have sent the same but how rare it is to recieve something that someone has taken the time to sit down and write. To whom is reading this, I challenge you to put aside 15-20 minutes that you would normally spend on the computer, maybe going through those junk emails and write a letter to your mother, to your sister, to a friend, to an elderly person. Whomever you choose, know that you will be bringing a smile to their day.