How should I introduce us? I could describe my dearest hubby as the Reverand Mr. Black. He would fit that description wonderfully. He is a quiet handsome sort of man. Just the kind you want to have around, and he’s mine… you can’t have him! He is definetly not large! Me, on the other hand, I am quite large. Being 9 months pregnant with a week or so to go I am quite large. Despite the protests from various friends and family member’s on being small for one so pregnant I have to say that I do NOT feel small at all. I am being stretched and kicked in places I didnt know exsisted. Our little one we like to call Jr. Muffin. No, we do not know his gender. We like surprises. What is wrong with the colors, green, yellow, and green anyways? I mean, green is a wonderful color.

I do not know what great things I will write here. I am a ordinary girl who married a wonderful (and thankfully) not so ordinary man. We live in a small home. I am a stay at home wife and soon to be mom. I do wear denim skirts and use to have a denim dress but that is long gone now. I prefer dresses but I do wear pants and sometimes shorts (but only around the house cause I have fat legs and ugly knees). We do eat organic, but also cereal out of a box! Hubby has to be glueten free, wheat free, so we do eat more veggies, have a compost pile and garden. Did you know that compost piles actually cut back on your watering? If you want to have a compost pile for no other reason than having to water your garden less it might be something to concider! 🙂
Of course we also have a woodburning stove for our heat. It requires two trashcans. One for burnable things like paper and another for the dump which holds other things like plastic.
I am part of the Martha Stewart of our home. Hubby and I share that task. He is better in the garden, I am better at the sewing table. I can cook a dinner but he can make a meal! I can clean a home, he can organize and scrub a house! We work together. He teaches me what he wants done, I cheerfully (ok, not all the time) set myself to making his home happy. We both eagerly look for the day when children run to door when “Papa” is home!