Odor free glad bag review


I know, why am I writting this review?  Well, I thought I would share my opinion.   I’m told I’m very opinionated. 

So, these ordorless glad trash bag, do they really work?  Yes
Are they worth the $$?  Here is my review on that question;

We use to have a small trash can for our kitchen.  We use everything up.  HArdly ever have dinner scraps, whatever food scraps we do have, they either get composted (banana peels, peach pits, etc) or freezed to be dumped later (ie, bacon fat, cause we really dont wanna reuse that, moldy cheese, etc).   With our little 2 gallon trash can we were emptying it maybe once a day when we started having 2 little ones in diapers.  Not only that, the odor was getting horrific.  We upgraded to a 10 gallon trash can with a lid.   But even still,  it was still causing odors.  Maybe because it was being emptied 1 a week or 2 a week.  Once winter comes it will be even less than that 1 every 2 weeks.  Anway, normal trash bags + a sniffle pouch (also known as sachet pouch) was not cutting it.   I cannot stand Glade or sprays like that.      So I see this commercial for the new Glad ordorless bags and though,  “why not.  It cant make it any worse right?”

I am impressed.   If you have a small family like we do, and do not take your trash out often its definetly worth the money.  Definetly.   It can make your kitchen smell like a department store but I’m ok with that.  Not a problem.  Just pointing out that fact though. 

I was talking to Mumsie about the Glad Bags.  She said,  “even if you dont need persay for your house (they take trash out once a day.  What do you expect with a family of 10) it would be great for outside trash odors as well.  Your neighbors might love you for it. ”   Hmmm, now thats a thought!

So,  that is my review.  Definetly worth the money here.   We will be making the switchover.  I’m frugal.  Its garbage right?  Its all going?  I wont spend the money on those hold-it-all bags.  I dont need them.  And on the occasion that I do.  I’ll just double bag it.  But these, yes I will spend the $$ for them.


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One Response to Odor free glad bag review

  1. AnnieinCali says:

    Think I will get me some! Living here in the mountains we have to keep our garbage in the mudroom all week, otherwise the wild animals will get it. Therefore our mudroom stinketh!

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